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Three combinations mobile crushing plant

Three combinations mobile crushing plant

Mobile crusher of maximum to meet customer requirements

The three combinations mobile crushing plant design idea is, always stand on customer site, and remove the obstacle of site, circumstance, perse foundation configuration when crushing in the customer site. We flexibly configured the solution according to different customer’s requirement, and optional regrouping the crushing and screening plants, load line of transfer and screening equipment, to meet the customer inpidual requirement maximum.

Output size : Depends on the material

Production capacity : 180T/H



Integration complete set of crushing unit, most flexible;

Well adapted, flexible configuration;

Adaptive shift the main crusher system, meet customer inpidual requirement;

Flexible and mobility parking function, change to work mode quickly.



Medium and small capacity demand,Constantly mobile working environment,Construction waste disposition.


Extended functions

Exchangeable system for impact crusher and jaw crusher:4 types of crushers can be installed on the same body. The feeding system, crushing system and screening system can be exchangeable, so extra investment is only one unit equipment. In short time, the different models of feeding unit can be changeable in the same car body. The same example can be used for exchangeable system for impact crusher and jaw crusher, exchangeable system for different models of vibrating screen. The perfect fit among the systems can be wide adaption in different situation. The crushing function is more comprehensive, so customer’s consumer goods can embody its best advantage. In this module, the high-end configuration can be equipped with the whole-station belt conveyor.