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Iron ore powder beneficiation production sand crusher plant

Iron ore powder beneficiation production sand crusher plant

Natural iron ore beneficiation is after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election and other procedures gradually elected of iron. Deep rotor VSI sand making crusher (Production capacity up to 640TPH) can be used in the production of iron concentrate, the same intensity of effort, Deep rotor VSI sand making crusher can saves 7% energy than jaw crusher, impact crusher and other crushers.


VSI crusher new sand making machine iron ore beneficiation working principle:


Iron ore fall into the VSI sand making machine hopper, the central feed hole into the high-speed rotating thrown wheel, the rejection was quickly accelerated in the wheel, up to several times its acceleration of gravity, and then thrown a round fired from a high-speed , first with the free-fall after a rebound percussive with another part of iron ore, and with the impact of liner was rebound oblique impact on vortex chamber at the top, and then change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, and emitted from the impeller form a continuous impact of iron ore to forming iron ore screen. Thus, iron ore materials in the vortex chamber by two more times’ impact, friction and grinding to got the final iron ore powder product.


Iron ore beneficiation equipment Deep Rotor VSI Crusher new sand making machine is easy to install, easy to operate, large capacity can up to 50-640t/h; optimum material impact angle crushing chamber design, less friction and wear parts, consumption is low; product shape is cubic, gradation and fineness modulus adjustable; this VSI sand making crusher is the best choice for iron ore crushing.


Deep Rotor VSI Crusher is suitable for extra-hard, medium hard and corrosion-resistant materials in the crushing operations. Deep Rotor VSI crusher is professional for processing iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, molybdenum ore, lead-zinc ore, manganese ore, glass raw materials, ceramics, building sand corundum, talc, olive branch, rock salt, fluorite, limestone and other materials’ crushing production.